Lobby of the condominium. 4.5 acres of waterfalls & whirlpools, slides & sandy beaches, lagoons & laughter. Night view of the marina, 5 minutes walk from the apartment. Penang Holiday Home 5 mins to beach Penang Holiday Home 5 mins to beach Penang Holiday Home 5 mins to beach Adult swimming pool. Sandy beaches WITHIN the condominium. Fabulous sea view from the apartment. Adult swimming pool. Gym Sandy beaches WITHIN the condominium. Kids' favourite :) Gymnasium. Out side of the Condo. Swimming Pool.
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Book Your holiday rental apartment from Home-Suites.
Book a beautiful holiday apartment in Penang for 50% less than the price of a hotel room!
Our Penang apartments are the perfect family/couple getaway.
We welcome travelers from every nook and cranny of the world.
Wherever you are, we prepare you a place called home.

We welcome travelers from every nook and cranny of the world.

Wherever you are, we prepare you a place called home.


Let us help you discover a true luxury holiday experience in one of the most magnificent parts of Malaysia!

We at Home Suites strongly believe that ​island ​accommodations still have an undiscovered magic of their own and that’s why we specialised in delivering you only the best apartment rentals​on the beautiful ​island ​of ​Penang ​so you can taste the true experience of a ​luxury holiday​ at its wonderful ​beaches.

From individual intimate studio style to elegant contemporary ​apartments​,we are honoured to offer you our impeccable attention to the finest details and personalised ​services​in terms of vacation rentals​.

Are you looking for something unique and different, where your needs and wants can be easily fulfilled? ​Whether you plan on spending your time enjoying the serenity of a ​beach​or only taking in the view from a suite’s scenic balcony, simply looking for an enriching escape to recharge yourself or just to engage into the vivid life out there, our luxury homes are everything you can ask for in ​Penang​.Equipped with the latest facilities so you can enjoy your time and not worry about anything, all of our charming apartments in ​Penang​have been carefully handpicked for anyone who wants breathtaking ​seafront ​views and exquisite relaxation all in one. What can be more satisfying than having great intimacy and comfort while being at close proximity to the most stunning views across the ​beach​?

Take advantage of all that spectacular ​Penang ​is here to offer ! Engage all your senses while exploring the vibrant mix of cuisines, exotic influences in architecture and rich culture of Malaysia on ​PenangIsland​ ,a desired tropical destination for everyone who seeks unforgettable moments. Discover the welcoming neighborhoods and local people, then continue your experience in style back home, in one of our special and inspiring apartments​.All of our locations are nothing short of spectacular, they leave you speechless with its gorgeous and idyllic surroundings: the final and significant touch that you need for your ​vacation​to become truly amazing.

Whatever kind of dream ​holiday​ accommodation you have in mind, we are here at your disposal to offer you the best apartments with ​self catering​ services to fulfil your needs. Home Suites listing of short term ​let ​apartments​ combines the ultimate in high standard comfort and elegance so you can experience a calm and inspiring environment and always feel welcomed, just like home during your ​holiday​.